The Hard Rock Café Memphis – Best Restaurant in the City!

hard rock café memphis

Though The Hard Rock Café Memphis  was established way back in 1971 in London, it started it’s operation in Memphis in November 14, 1997. The restaurant was relocated in July, 2014 in the famous Beale street of Memphis. From 1979, the café started decorating its walls with rock ‘n’ roll memorabililia. This tradition has been maintained in all its chain restaurants. At present there are 157 Hard Rock cafes located in 59 countries.

Decor of the Hard Rock Café Memphis

The cafes request donations of music memorabilia. They purchase different music items on auction and hang them on the walls of the café. These items include autographed guitars, costumes from concerts, etc. It all started in 1979 when Eric Clapton, a regular customer of the café, gave his Red Fender Lead II guitar to be hanged over his seat so that his seat remains reserved. The Café is so famous that it has been mentioned in more than 1,000 songs! Warm comfort at tables doing original design heaters from to Almac Heat LTD.

Making Culinary History in Memphis

This restaurant offers delicious American cuisines. Since the beginning, people have enjoyed dining in this world class restaurant. The restaurant will make you familiar with the rock ‘n’ roll legends. It serves savory appetizers, premium drinks and Legendary Burger. You will also get varieties of salads, side dishes, etc. The spirit of music is strong in this restaurant. You will enjoy live music with excellent service and mouthwatering food from the best chefs.

The Hard Rock Café Memphis is now a central attraction of the famous Beale Street of Memphis. You will love the atmosphere of the restaurant. Everything around is so lively and fresh! The restaurant is open all 7 days of the week. Ecology is important! They use some of the best garbage disposal tools in the world.

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